HDX Will

Dentri α

High-powered, reliable unit with AI-driven reconstruction algorithms that continuously improve image quality.

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HDX Will

Dentri α

Renowned for its Crisp, Ultra-HD Imagery Dentri will become an indispensable part of your expanding practice. Powerful yet flexible, the Dentri Classic provides a wide Field of View (CBCT FOV 16X8 cm) and crisp panoramic imaging. This allows the entire dentition to be imaged in one scan. Crystal clear imaging algorithms allow the Dentri to provide exceptional quality images for diagnosis, implant planning, and data transfer.

Features & Specs


Free FOV up to 160 x 80mm

Min. Voxel Size

100 µm

Focal Spot



10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts
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Space Reqs.

47.31"x53.61" (Width x Depth)


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​​Dental TI was founded in 1999 on the belief that dental technology should be accessible, affordable and come with thorough training and installation. Find out how we can help your office boost productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize diagnostic image quality. 

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