I-View Gold

Our highest native resolution sensor with direct-USB connection and TWAIN included.


I-View Gold

Dental TI is proud to introduce the I-View Gold direct-USB intraoral x-ray sensor. I-View Gold offers high-resolution (27lp/mm), build quality, and patient comfort in line with premium sensor brands and products, but it is also highly competitive with "low-cost' sensor options in price. Dental TI evaluates all of our products to a rigorous standard, and we have been highly impressed with the quality and comfort of the I-View Gold.

I-View Gold integrates with all imaging software that allows for TWAIN integration, with direct integrations available for many image management software platforms such as Apteryx Xray Vision. With all imaging equipment, Dental TI includes custom installation and integration, custom filters and optimization services, staff training resources, and lifetime technical support. We help our clients get the most out of their technology investments with quality products backed by expertise.

Features & Specs

Sizes Available

Adult Size 2

Pediatric Size 1

Sensor Resolution

25 lp/mm (Real)

27 lp/mm (Theoretical)

Greyscale Levels

4096 (12-bit image)


30 Month Manufacturer Warranty 

Compatible Software

Apteryx X-Ray Vision, DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Carestream, XDR, MOGO, Dentrix Ascend, Dentimax, plus many more!

(Including All TWAIN-Compatible Software)

TWAIN(s) Included?

YES. Unlimited TWAIN licenses included if necessary for compatibility.


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​​Dental TI was founded in 1999 on the belief that dental technology should be accessible, affordable and come with thorough training and installation. Find out how we can help your office boost productivity, reduce downtime, and optimize diagnostic image quality. 

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