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Is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Right for My Practice?

Q and A on Dental TI Solutions

Dental RPA Software Powered by DentalRobot

Q: What is Dental TI-AI?

A: Dental TI-AI is an expansion of Dental TI’s passion for integrating technology into our clients' dental practices. The term Artificial Intelligence or A.I. refers to intelligent automated integration which can be used to identify and address digital problems within your practice. Once we've identified the issues, we can create a customized plan to automate up to 90% of your offices processes from end to end.

Q: What is automation in a digital environment?

A: Automation in a digital environment refers to the use of robotic process automation (RPA). This technology allows data to be entered and transferred between different software without the need for human input. Some examples of software that can be automated include practice management software, financial management software, patient insurance verification portals, image management software, clinical charting software, and patient education software.

Q: Does this technology completely replace humans?

A: No, RPA is not intended to replace human employees. Instead, it is designed to make team members more productive by freeing up time that was previously spent on data entry. With RPA, team members typically spend only 5-10% of their time interacting with RPA processes to verify and assimilate the information provided.

Q: Is RPA HIPAA compliant?

A: Yes, all Dental TI Solutions products are designed to be HIPAA compliant.

Q: How do I know if Dental TI Solutions is right for my practice?

A: The process begins with a practice software flow evaluation. This involves completing an online questionnaire that is submitted to Dental TI Solutions. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete, and after that, a project coordinator will arrange an online meeting to discuss your practice automation needs.

Q: If Dental TI Solutions is a fit for my practice, how do I get started after the online meeting with the project coordinator?

A: The project coordinator will create a flowchart of the automations or robots that will serve as the foundation for intelligent integrated automation in your practice. The Dental TI Solutions technical team will then employ the right DentalRobot to enable 90% end-to-end intelligent automation.

Q: What are some examples of this automation?

A: Some examples of automation provided by Dental TI Solutions include insurance verification and revenue cycle management, EOB postings and claim automation, patient accounts receivable, financial and accounting automation, front desk automation, data automation, front and back reconciliations, account payable automation, accounts receivable automation, and virtually anything else that involves software that your practice would like to automate.

Q: What ongoing services does Dental TI Solutions offer?

A: Dental TI Solutions continues to work with your practice to optimize the intelligent integrated automation provided by the DentalRobot. Enhancements can be made when a more efficient protocol is discovered and applied to the DentalRobot. Support can also be provided when the practice administrator needs assistance with the automation processes.

Q: How much does all this cost?

A: The cost of Dental TI Solutions automation is tailored to your practice. Because these solutions are customized to your software and workflows, your investment may not be the same as another office. However, Dental TI Solutions will not engage with any practice in providing integrated intelligent automation unless it can save them both time and money. The net impact on the practice should always be additional profit, not additional expense.

Q: How do I arrange for a custom recommendation for my practice?

A: To arrange a custom recommendation, complete the Dental TI Solutions practice questionnaire and submit it securely to, or call us at 800-672-5733.


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