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Dentistry's Digital Evolution

The Digital Transformation of Dentistry

In today's rapidly evolving dental landscape, the integration of advanced technologies is no longer just an option—it's a necessity. This article explores the seamless digital workflow made possible by integrating cutting-edge technologies into your dental practice, ushering in the future of dentistry. 3D or additive printing will become a technology that every practice must have. In-house printing allows for time-saving and same-day treatment. The technology saves the cost of certain lab bills and increases efficiency as well as productivity.

High Tech Dental Treatment Room
High Tech Dental Operatory

The Four-Step Digital Workflow: A Comprehensive Guide

Step 1: Data Acquisition with the JMorita X800 R100 - The Cornerstone of Modern Dentistry

The JMorita X800 R100 CBCT machine provides high-resolution 3D imaging, serving as the foundation for precise treatment planning and diagnostics. When a CBCT is acquired, a DICOM volume is generated that can be opened in planning software such as Exoplan which allows for the meshing of the CBCT DICOM file with the scanner STL file. A surgical guide can be created in Exoplan software and sent to a 3D printer.

Step 2: Intraoral Scanning with Launca Scanner DL-206 - Beyond Traditional Impressions

The Launca DL-206 Scanner eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional molds, capturing precise surface data and ensuring accurate digital impressions. The data generated is captured in STL file format for printing or combining with DICOM information to create a surgical guide in Exoplan or other planning software.

Step 3: Treatment Planning with Exoplan Software - The Digital Maestro

Exoplan software integrates data from JMorita X800 R100 and Launca Scanner, facilitating real-time treatment planning and transparent patient communication. See Exoplan in action with a 150 x 140mm FOV.

Step 4: 3D Printing with Envisiontec Printer - Materializing Digital Plans

The Envisiontec Printer brings digital plans to life. Popular applications follow:

  • Surgical Guides: The printer's precision and accuracy make it an excellent choice for producing surgical guides, ensuring optimal outcomes for complex dental procedures.

  • Dental Models: It excels in creating detailed and accurate dental models, aiding in treatment planning and patient communication.

  • Temporary Crowns: For chairside procedures and quick patient solutions, this printer enables the efficient production of temporary crowns.

Enviontec's materials are of the highest quality and are FDA-approved. Some 3D printers are considered hobby printers, the Einstein is designed and built for Dental applications.

One of the key strengths of the Envisiontec Einstein Printer lies in its versatility.

The Synergy: The Sum is Greater Than Its Parts

Combining these technologies streamlines the treatment process, fostering efficiency and accuracy while promoting real-time collaboration among dental professionals. Offices that incorporate this workflow today will see immediate benefits in productivity and patient satisfaction.

Case Study: A Seamless Workflow in Action

Imagine a patient needing a dental implant. The JMorita X800 R100, Launca Scanner, and Exoplan seamlessly integrate to create a comprehensive treatment plan. The Envisiontec Printer produces surgical guides in-house with substantial cost savings over lab-produced surgical guides.

Dental Surgical Guide
Dental Surgical Guide

Future Trends: What Lies Ahead

The future promises enhancements through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, automating diagnostic and planning tasks, and allowing more focus on patient care. Future AI advancements will allow for auto meshing of the DICOM and STL and then the auto-creation of the surgical guide.

Utilizing an Intraoral Scan for Education
Utilizing an Intraoral Scan for Education

Special Year-End Offer: Elevate Your Practice Today

As the year draws to a close, Dental TI presents a value-packed special offer:

  • JMorita X800 R100 CBCT

  • Launca Scanner

  • Free Exoplan Software License

  • Envisiontec Printer

  • Expert Training Sessions

  • All Essential Components for Surgical Guide Production

Financial Incentives:

  • 25% discount on retail pricing

  • Free Exoplan software

  • 5.99% financing with approved credit

  • $1,000 manufacturer’s rebate on the JMorita X800 R100 CBCT

Don't Miss This Opportunity

Seize this year-end special to invest in the future of your dental practice. Additionally, save thousands in taxes by utilizing your Section 179 tax credit on qualifying purchases. Contact Dental TI to learn more about integrating these cutting-edge technologies and step confidently into the future of dentistry.


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