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Wired & Wireless Intraoral X-Ray Sensors

Dental TI values efficient and affordable dental imaging solutions. We provide a way to save on X-ray sensors. Dental TI provides high-quality digital X-ray sensors, image optimization, training, and technical support. We help you maximize your IT investment.

Dental TI saves hundreds without compromising diagnostic quality. Our digital X-ray sensors challenge industry leaders in image quality and resolution. Our sensors give reliable data for diagnosis and therapy planning.

Below are our top digital X-ray sensors to help you choose. Dental professionals have praised these sensors for their reliability and efficacy in many clinical settings. Our sensors meet your intraoral or extraoral imaging needs.


Sz. 1 & 2


Includes expert installation and optimization.

Introducing DC-Air™

Wireless X-Ray Sensor

  • Unmatched image quality

  • Unbeatable comfort

  • Superior Durability

  • Available Now

Sensor with Accessories_edited.png

Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Please contact us promptly for pricing or a live demo. Our experts will help you pick the right digital X-ray sensor for your clinic. Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to upgrade your imaging technology. Dental TI sells affordable, high-quality digital x-ray sensors.

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