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SOTA Cloud

Dental TI's top pick for powerful,
intuitive imaging software in the cloud.

Cloud Storage

No need for a local server, add and access patient images anytime, any place with an internet connection.

Bullet-Proof Security & Backups

Data is hosted in a HIPAA-compliant, max-security, Microsoft data center. Your data is stored in the US, always backed up, encrypted, and more.

Offline Module

Offline module lets you acquire and view new images if your internet goes down. No need for a server. All offline images are saved on the local workstation.ext. 

Your Workflow Just Got Streamlined

From editing images to viewing reports, SOTA Cloud is snappy.


Less clicks to complete common tasks vs. other imaging software solutions.

Let's Grow

Increase productivity with easy-to-read dashboards and insights including how long x-ray exams take and how well you are using intraoral cameras as a case acceptance tool.

The Magic is in the Details

Finished a bitewing exam and need a couple of intraoral camera photos? No need to create a new exam or template. Easily add images on the fly.

Request Demo & Pricing

Request Demo

"If you want to be at the cutting edge of dentistry, you need to get SOTA Cloud."


Dr. Barry Bartusiak

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