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Introducing DC-Air™

Unmatched image quality

No digital x-ray sensor wire

Unbeatable comfort

Superior durability

Available now

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Sleek design of the DC-Air™ wireless digital x-ray sensor

The digital X-ray sensor that solves sensor pains.

Homogenized Si Construction

Patented direct-conversion detector technology not only gives DC-Air™ unmatched resolution in images, it also makes the entire sensor more durable by eliminating fragile scintillators and fiber optic plates. 

Wireless Image Transmission

DC-Air™ is a cutting-edge digital x-ray sensor that uses Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to provide radiographs quickly and reliably, eliminating the need for bulky sensor wires. Say goodbye to tripping hazards and worn-out USBs. The internal battery can take over 150 photographs before needing to be recharged.​

Ultra Comfortable

DC-Air™ is one of the thinnest sensors ever at just 5.2mm thick. Without the wire, Zero Profile™ holders are able to clip directly to the lingual aspect of the sensor, eliminating bulk around the sensor's profile in the mouth.

360° positioning allows for distal OR mesial orientation.

Close-up view of DC-Air™ digital x-ray sensor technology

See the canine contact with ease.

Direct-conversion means a clearer image every time.

DC-Air™ is the only intraoral x-ray sensor to offer direct conversion of X-ray photons to image data, creating a much clearer image vs. other sensors.

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The Clinicians Report

DC-Air: Wireless Intraoral Sensor with Improved Image Quality

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Clinicians and researchers who compared radiographs observed that images produced by DC-Air exhibited greater clarity and detail than other systems previously evaluated, especially when magnified.

This system should be strongly considered when planning the purchase of new sensors.

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