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Introducing DC-Air™

Unmatched image quality

No sensor wire

Unbeatable comfort

Superior durability

Available now

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The sensor that solves sensor pains.

Homogenized Si Construction

Patented direct-conversion detector technology not only gives DC-Air™ unmatched resolution in images, it also makes the entire sensor more durable by eliminating fragile scintillators and fiber optic plates. 

Wireless Image Transmission

DC-Air™ utilizes the latest in Bluetooth® Low Energy technology to quickly and reliably deliver radiographs without the sensor cable. No more worn out USBs, or tripping over cables.

Oh, and the integrated battery can capture over 150 images before needing to recharge.

Ultra Comfortable

DC-Air™ is one of the thinnest sensors ever at just 5.2mm thick. Without the wire, Zero Profile™ holders are able to clip directly to the lingual aspect of the sensor, eliminating bulk around the sensor's profile in the mouth.

360° positioning allows for distal OR mesial orientation.


See the canine contact with ease.

Direct-conversion means a clearer image every time.

DC-Air™ is the only intraoral x-ray sensor to offer direct conversion of x-ray photons to image data, creating a much clearer image vs. other sensors.

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The Clinicians Report

DC-Air: Wireless Intraoral Sensor with Improved Image Quality

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Clinicians and researchers who compared radiographs observed that images produced by DC-Air exhibited greater clarity and detail than other systems previously evaluated, especially when magnified.

This system should be strongly considered when planning the purchase of new sensors.

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