HDX Will Dentri α— 6 Features That Make It Great

HDX Will is the most recent brand of CBCT we have added to our portfolio of equipment offerings. When we were introduced to HDX Will and their Dentri α CBCT system, we were amazed not only by its image quality, but also the robust treatment planning features in its included software, OnDemand3D. Below, we will highlight a few of the features the make Dentri α CBCT a leader in the modality:

Image Quality

Dentri α boasts exceptional image quality on both the 2D and 3D images it produces. In this regard, sample images are all that is needed to demonstrate:

Don't hesitate to request full volumes from us to appreciate the full quality of the images and the powerful tools in the OnDemand3D software that we will discuss further on.

Ease of Use

Dentri α CBCT offers a very streamlined and efficient acquisition procedure that also makes patient positioning for an optimal scan a simple process for both the patient and clinician.

Their WillMaster acquisition interface allows for simple capture of either Panoramic or CBCT images. When setting up for a panoramic, the user has the option to acquire a traditional panoramic radiograph or a four image series TMJ radiograph with open and closed images of both left and right TMJs.

Setting up for a panoramic with HDX Will Dentri CBCT
The user also has precise control of the acquisition parameters for kV and mA.

When acquiring a CBCT, the user has the option to select a full mouth, extended, or "Free" FOV. Free FOV allows the user to draw a box over the area of anatomy they would like to capture for custom targeting of only the region of interest. If the patient has an existing panoramic image, it will be overlaid on the selection window for optimal precision in targeting.

Simply set your patient in position and select "Ready" in the software to set the unit up to acquire your scan.

Bone-Density Analysis

For implantology, the OnDemand3D software offers an extensive implant library and many great features to examine and plan around the implant site(s). One such feature is the bone density analysis tool which provides both visual and quantitative readings (in Hounsfield units) for the quality of bone surrounding the planned implant.

Endoscopic Examination

OnDemand3D's CPR function is a great tool for patient education, examining the shape of endodontic canals, and evaluating the shape and volume of the patient's airway.