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Our Top Pick for Dental Imaging

CADI 8 checks all the boxes to earn our recommendation as the #1 choice for dental imaging software.

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Open For Integration

CADI makes integration with any PMS and hardware options a priority, ensuring you have the freedom to use any systems without compromising workflow. 


CADI's server-based architecture is an appealing option for practices that prefer to keep their data off the cloud and save thousands on ongoing subscription fees. 

Advanced Customization

CADI imaging software is highly customizable including display, workflow shortcuts, and imaging filters. Our expert team optimizes CADI for your unique workflows and preferences to unlock new capabilities and efficiencies for your dental practice. 

The Widest Range of Imaging Compatibility Available


Any Digital X-Ray System

From phosphor plates to the wireless DC-Air™ sensor, CADI integrates with any option on the market.

IO and DSLR Camera Images.png

Any IO or Digital Camera

Bring your patient photo presentation to a new level with smooth integrations of intraoral and extraoral photography.


Any Panoramic / CBCT

Bring your panoramic, cephalometric, and 3D tomography data into CADI— the only imaging software you need!

Extraordinary Image Quality

CADI® uses powerful tools commonly found in medical imaging to bring optimal results with any digital equipment. CADI® keeps all the raw data from the x-ray sensor and uses a powerful 16-bit viewer and the unique Windowing tool permits the user to interpret different grayscale representations “Windows” of this data. Eliminate the parts of the image that don’t contribute to diagnostics.

Our expert team takes time to consult with your diagnosticians to customize CADI's default filters, putting your perfect diagnostic image just a click or two away. 

CADI 2-Minute Demo

Get a quick overview of how CADI makes dental imaging more organized and more convenient with full support from Dental TI. 

More CADI Videos

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