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J. Morita

Veraviewepocs 2D

Crystal clear panoramic and cephalometric images with low effective dose.

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Veraviewepocs 2D

J. Morita

Veraviewepocs 2D

Veraviewepocs® 2D offers crystal clear panoramic and cephalometric images with low effective dose. Designed for versatility, the 2D model can be upgraded to 3D at a later date.

With fully automatic settings, Veraviewepocs 2D is easy to operate. This unit features a variety of options and specialized programs such as the Orthoradial Panoramic projection, which reduces the overlapping of neighboring teeth, and the Shadow Reduction Panoramic projection, which reduces obstructing shadows. Patient positioning is also easy with AF Automatic Positioning – a light beam sensor automatically positions the C-arm without requiring the patient to move.
This unit also features the High Definition (HD) cephalometric update, an advanced feature that produces cephalometric images with amazing clarity and soft tissue display.

Features & Specs

Veraviewepocs 2D

Sensor Type


Veraviewepocs 2D

Focal Spot

0.5 mm

Veraviewepocs 2D

Tube Voltage

60-90 kV


Tube Current

1-10 mA

Veraviewepocs 2D

Exposure Time

7.4s (HS), 15s (HD)

Veraviewepocs 2D

Space Reqs.

40.13" W x 52.38" D


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