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HDX Will

Dentri Max

High-powered, reliable unit with AI-driven reconstruction algorithms that continuously improve image quality.

Dentri Max
At DentalTI, we do more than just sell CBCT machines.

We work 1-on-1 with each client to simplify the buying experience.

  • Understand the pros and cons of each machine
  • Find which machines are a best fit for your practice
  • Help you understand how to efficiently train your staff

HDX Will

Dentri Max

Renowned for its Crisp, Ultra-HD Imagery Dentri will become an indispensable part of your expanding practice. Powerful yet flexible, the Dentri Max provides a wide Field of View (CBCT FOV 18X16.5 cm) and crisp panoramic imaging. This allows the entire dentition to be imaged in one scan. Crystal clear imaging algorithms allow the Dentri Max to provide exceptional quality images for diagnosis, implant planning, and data transfer. The Dentri Max CBCT expands the field fo view (FOV 18x16.5 cm). This feature allows for an expanded view of the facial structures sinus, TMJ and dentition with quality images

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Features & Specs


From 3x3cm to Expansive FOV

Free FOV selection from 3x3cm to 16x9cm plus the 18×16.5 cm FOV allows diagnosis for most maxillofacial structures


Superior Image Quality

Striking contrast and sharpness of images produced by HDX WILL’s image reconstruction technology


Minimized Metal Artifacts

Precision MAR (Metal Artifacts Reduction) allows for greater diagnostic accuracy by significantly reducing metal artifact


Low Dose Radiation

CBCT radiation exposure lower than standard panoramic scan* – w/AEC & Ultra low dose mode


Auto Focus

Minimized distortion, maximized ability to obtain clear images


Auto Cephalometric Landmark Tracing*

Spend more time with your patients, and less time landmark tracing with WillCeph’s Auto tracing feature *Available with Willceph software purchase


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