Explorer PRO

An extraordinary combination of the most precise 3D imaging, large image detail, lowest radiation exposure, reliable diagnostics and digital planning for all indications in modern dentistry.

Explorer PRO
Explorer PRO


Explorer PRO

Utilizing the large flat panel, the EXPLORER PRO delivers a space-saving solution through PreXion’s development of the world’s first gantry-integrated cephalometric x-ray. In just 30 seconds, the gantry automatically shifts 45 degrees and opens by 6 inches to enable the capture of a ceph radiograph.

With many 3D imaging systems on the market today, high-quality images are often accompanied by high radiation exposure. The PreXion 3D EXPLORER offers a favorable balance between both aspects. Its 0.3mm focal spot, 0.07mm voxel size and new features like a flat panel detector (FPD) provide the highest quality diagnostic images for clinicians with low radiation exposure for patients. The new FPD delivers extreme clarity by utilizing 2,048 x 2,560 pixels with an active area of 31.7 x 25.4cm - capable of capturing the entire cephalometric field.

Features & Specs


Teeth: 50 x 50 mm
Arch: 100 x 100 mm
Full: 158 x 100 mm
Face: 150 x 160 mm


Min. Voxel Size

70 µm


Focal Spot




10 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Parts
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PreXion 3D Software

BlueSky Bio


PreXion 3D Software

BlueSky Bio

45.80"W x 66.50"D


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