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Better Diagnostics with CBCT: A Client Example

To be the best diagnostician you can be, you'll want to ensure you are equipped with imaging modalities that can provide a holistic view of anatomy. Our client, ​Dr. Nivine Y. El-Refai, BDS, DDS, MSD, recently shared a case that highlights the diagnostic advantages that 3D CBCT has to offer. Dr. El-Refai's case summary is italicized below:

Patient was referred to my office for retreatment of #14. The PA showed hazy RL related to both #14 & #15. The patient was tender to biting, percussion & B palpation on both #14 & #15.

CBCT was taken to evaluate the root canal filling in both teeth & locate any untreated canals. Thanks to the CBCT, I was able to determine that the origin of the infection started from #15 and was starting to spread to DB root of #14. #15 had been previously retreated and had poor prognosis. The patient decided to get #15 extracted and observe #14.

One week after extracting #15, the patient was totally asymptomatic and all tenderness related to #14 disappeared. Thanks to the CBCT, the patient did not have to go through a retreat of #14, which would not have resolved her symptoms. The J. Morita X800 is an excellent aid for proper diagnosis.


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