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Understanding the Benefits of CBCT: A Guide for Patients.

I had a conversation with a dental client who uses CBCT technology, and we discussed the advantages of this technology in diagnosis and treatment planning for patients. I asked if he and his staff routinely educate patients about why the office invested in CBCT technology, and he asked for suggestions on how to do so. To help other practices that may also have this question, I've compiled a list of five points to educate patients on the benefits of CBCT technology:

  1. CBCT technology allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, resulting in better outcomes for patients. The 3D volume provided by a CBCT scan allows for digital planning of treatment prior to dental surgery, and patients can see a visual demonstration of why treatment is recommended and what to expect.

  2. Not all practices incorporate CBCT technology for procedures that are aided by a CBCT scan, such as endodontic procedures and implants. By choosing a dental practice that uses CBCT technology, patients can feel confident in the level of care they are receiving.

  3. CBCT scans provide a more detailed, accurate, and less invasive alternative to traditional x-rays, ensuring patient comfort and optimal diagnosis. CBCT scans typically provide more information for the diagnosis of many other dental pathologies, such as abscesses, root fractures, and problems of the TMJ joints.

  4. CBCT technology is considered the "standard of care" for endodontic treatment and implant placement. Investing in CBCT technology demonstrates a commitment to staying at the forefront of dental technology and providing the highest quality care for patients.

  5. CBCT technology allows for earlier detection of potential issues, leading to faster treatment and less invasive procedures. This can save patients from more costly, painful problems in the future.

Investments in advanced technology like CBCT allow for earlier diagnosis of many dental pathologies and better treatment outcomes for patients. It's important to educate patients about the advantages of this technology and how it can aid in earlier diagnosis and more accurate treatment planning. Educated patients are more likely to refer others to your practice and appreciate the higher level of care they receive. If you're considering investing in CBCT technology, contact Dental TI at 800-672-5733 or email for more information.


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